Bonus Policy

This Bonus Policy Agreement applies to every user who registers with the Company and has an active trading account (hereinafter “Client”, “you” or “Trader”). It clarifies and emphasizes that it is only the Company which makes decision and assigns bonuses to a particular Client. Therefore, Bonus Policy is a subject to “Terms of Use” which can be found at the Company’s website.

1. Definition: a Trading bonus is an added credit value that corresponds to a deposit on your trading account in FX-DEALER, it provides you with more funds for trading. Trading bonuses can be of many forms. There are consistent deposit matches, which means that your account will be given an added value when you deposit funds continually and it also comes in the form of a one-time added value on your first deposit. The Company offers these bonus funds. When you fund your account, the Company matches your first real money deposit by a certain amount of percentage in accordance to your first deposit.

2. Warning: a Trading bonus gives you a great value and an extra trading leverage. With all of the above mentioned when you trade with bonus leverage you need to be cautious. Leverage is a valuable trading tool, but you need to be aware of the downside. You may close higher deals and make more money initially (or in the long run), but you can also lose much more money. Option trading can be risky and you need to trade with confidence and responsibility to avoid losses.

3. Scope of Trading Bonus at FX-DEALER: to help traders starting out binary trading online, the Company offers new Clients a Trading bonus on their first deposit as well as redeposit bonuses. There are several types of Trading bonuses offered by the Company. They are the following.

Types of Trading Bonuses

a) After receiving a welcome bonus traders are given several other opportunities to boost their account balance. The Company often offers a “broker bonus” before significant financial events to enable traders to take advantage of the variability in market. The Company also rewards the VIP account holders with “no deposit bonus”. They are called “rebate bonuses”, since they are based on a percentage of the trader’s trading volume. A rebate bonus is usually given on a monthly basis and it is the Company’s way of giving back a percentage of the traders’ investment that month. A “risk free trade” is also categorized as a bonus as per this Agreement and may be offered by the Company’s sole and exclusive discretion.

b) The Company also has a special Trading bonus offers for traders depositing with certain funding methods such as a wire transfer and others. These bonuses can be changed. So you should always check which funding method will give you the best bonus before depositing.

c) Please read all terms and conditions below before accepting a bonus. You are not required to accept a bonus. A traiding bonus is optional for all clients.

Terms and conditions

1. Every bonus requires a trading turnover before any withdrawal is made by the client. By accepting a bonus you agree to the terms and conditions below.

2. All bonus insertions are final.

3. Please read carefully before accepting a special offer, trade refunds or bonuses:

4. Bonuses and benefits shall be credited to the Client’s account in accordance with the terms of the offer made to the Client, e.g. when making minimum deposits and/or purchasing a minimum amount of options within a specified time period.

5. Unless otherwise stated in a written form by the Company and only the Company the terms of the offer and a precondition for making withdrawals after using the bonus/benefit are buying options in the amount that is in 30 times higher than the bonus/benefit plus the deposit amount. For example, deposit + bonus x 30 = required turnover for withdrawal.

6. The Company urges its Clients to take part in offers but to refrain from abusing or manipulating them. Abusing any of the offers could lead to cancellation of the bonus/benefit and closure of the Client’s account at the Company’s website. The decision whether a Client is abusing or manipulating the Company’s trading platform and/or its Bonus Policy is at the Company’s sole and exclusive discretion.

7. The bonuses/benefits must be used within the period defined in the details of the special offer.

8. The Company reserves the right to revoke the bonus/benefit if the special offer is abused and/or the offer’s terms fail to be met. The Company’s decision – in this case – shall be final. The Company reserves the right to revoke or change the offers at any time and this will be displayed at the Company’s website.

9. Once the bonus has been inserted into the trading account it cannot be returned or removed under any circumstances. The Company’s brokers do not have the ability to remove the bonus. By accepting a bonus into your account you agree to the terms and conditions of accepting bonuses.

10. In case if the Client accepts a bonus (please, refer to Bonus Terms and Conditions) he /she undertakes the obligation of our trading benefits (but not exclusively). So, the requests concerning bonuses withdrawal will be reviewed by a special committee in opposition to the Terms and Conditions of the bonus benefits. With respect to all Client’s unique circumstances the committee will decide whether to approve the Client’s request and under what conditions. One of them is that Clients who received bonus and want to withdraw are subject to a penalty fee. The maximum percentage of a penalty fee that a Client could incur is up to 30% of the remaining trade volume applied to the balance (except the trading benefits). The exact percentage will be determined according to all Client’s circumstances, which will be determined at Company’s sole discretion.

The required turnover which the Client is obligated to fulfill by the Bonus Terms and Conditions – The handling costs – The time frame of trading activity – The Company’s exposure towards third parties.

For illustration purposes, please see the following example: Client deposited USD 10,000 into his account and received a 100% bonus of USD 10,000; in accordance with the Company’s Bonus Policy, the Client is required to reach trade volume of Total Deposit + Total Bonus X 30 = USD 600,000. The Client reached USD 300,000 in trade volume and is requesting to make a withdrawal from his account prior to reaching his minimum trade turnover. Firstly, the Client will be notified of the Handling Fee calculation with respect to the Client’s request to make a withdrawal of funds. The calculation will be as follows: total sum of deposits (not including bonus) while deducting profits or losses (including assessed losses from positions which have not yet expired) The Handling Fee obligated by the Client for breach of Bonus Agreement: the maximum Handling Fee rate can incur up to 30%. Loss assessment as a result of Bonus Agreement breach: 1 – 300,000/400,000 = 0.50 – Handling Fee is equal to Loss Assessment x 30% – Handling Fee rate: 7.5% – Handling Fee sum: 10,000*7.5% = USD 750 The Client’s total refund will be: Total Deposit minus Client’s losses and minus the sum of USD 750 Handling Fee. In the event that the Client’s account is in profit but has not yet reached the bonus requirements only the initial deposit can be withdrawn minus.

Handling Fee.