About Us

More than 100 professionals, who deal with the financial sphere and innovative Internet technologies, work at FX-DEALER. We have established twenty-four-hour service of high quality with individual approach to each customer.

Our main priority includes direct communications, access from any device and convenient usage. Considering opinion of our users, we improve and refine FX-DEALER platform every day.

Transparent conditions of work

FX-DEALER applies innovative technologies of liquidity aggregating, modern trading platforms and method of straight transfer of orders to the market — STP, ECN.

Security of the customer accounts in FX-DEALER

FX-DEALER guarantees safety of the customer assets:

  • Opening of segregated accounts
  • Diversification of company assets in different banks of the world
  • FX-DEALER is the member of the Financial Commission, which deals with the settlement of disputable situations that appear between the participants of the financial market. This enables to protect each customer of the FX-DEALER system with the safety fund in the amount of up to $20 000.

Why should you opt for FX-DEALER?

We know that successful trade at the financial markets is determined only by skillful trading decisions of the trader. Every Forex broker is committed to provide a customer with an opportunity for trading with maximum comfort by using his or her trading strategy.

5 principles of FX-DEALER

Interest in success of each customer

Constant improving of standards

Unlimited possibility to trade using different devices

Comfortable conditions for trading

Favorable conditions for making right decisions
FX-DEALER operates on the basis of international brokerage license IFSC/60/256/TS/13 issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize 04/15/2013 and prolonged on 02/23/2018 under No. IFSC/60/256/TS/17 and is valid until 23.02.2019.

For our customers this license represents the following:

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Guarantee of the financial stability of the company in regard to IFSC requirements to brokers concerning maintenance of the capital on a separate bank account that is guaranteed for payment to customers.
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Guarantee for maintaining international standards of trader service according to the IFSC requirements.
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Guarantee for company succeeding in quarterly audits and annual financial reports to the regulator.
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Guarantee for settlement of disputable situations between trader and broker with the involvement of IFSC acting as an independent mediator, who makes final and mandatory decision.